John Lennon Doodle Animation Tribute Celebrating 70th birthday Oct 09 2010

If John Lennon hadn’t been gunned down in New York in 1980, he would have celebrated his 70th birthday Oct 09, 2010.  Fans around the world marked the date with explosion of sentiment.

Nearly 30 years after Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside The Dakota, the apartment building where he lived, admirers of all ages gathered right across the street today in a part of Central Park called “Strawberry Fields,” honoring his memory by singing his songs.

Lennon’s life and work are still drawing plenty of fresh interest and new fans.   So many of his songs are part of sing-a-longs in nursery schools and lullabies and the music that you grow up with when you live on this planet.

It’s proof that even decades after his death, John Lennon still matters.

Google honored the musician on its home page with an  “Imagine.”

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