A Home Page is the first page you are presented with when you first enter your site.  I like a home page that is clean, loads quickly, and [when needed] allows me to perform searches instantly.  When I start my browser, I don’t want distractions in the form of news headlines or gadgets.  If I want the news I can search for it.  I don’t need it constantly served up to me.  If you’re like me making Google Your Home Page is worth considering.

For many people like myself, Google is an important tool on the Web, it’s a solid place to start my browsing that comes complete with the links and services I use constantly including Google News and Gmail.  It’s not busy advertising, or flashing tempting links at me.  Home pages and Portals have never been less relevant than they are now.

Google is a search engine, first and foremost.  Studies have shown that 92% of us use Google as our primary search engine.  The other search options such as Yahoo, Bing and Ask, fight over the other 8%.  Google has proven to consistently present search results in timely, relevant, unique ways.  Several hundred million queries are performed each day.  There are 22 special features beyond the original word-search capability, including synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie show times, airports, home listings, and sports scores.  Google truly is the most visited website in the world, providing information faster than traditional reporting methods and government surveys.

Keeping it plain and simple has worked wonders for Google, and I think that’s what helps make it so popular.  It’s plain white background and search box is all that is needed.  After all, what else do you want a search engine for?

I also love the special occasion themes, animations, and Google’s famous doodles / animations.  If you never knew or have never seen or enjoyed them you can check them out here.  Click on the following links to review our collection: animations, doodles, special occasion themes, holidays.

But just to be fair let’s explore a few of the alternatives that are out there!

Not all Portals suck,……Right?

Web portals were supposedly going to be everyone’s homepage of choice.  These sites offer not only a search bar, but a variety of headlines, advertisements, and links to other online services.  If you’re not sure what a web portal is, check out the pictures below of Yahoo, AOL and MSN.

Here’s Yahoo

Here’s AOL


Here’s MSN

Make Google My Home Page vs MSN Portal
Make Google My Home Page vs MSN Portal


I want whatever my home page is to load quickly so I can get to it right away.  That means I like Google, and hate portals.

To point out what I mean, here’s Google

Make Google My Home Page vs Portal



More Alternatives

Bing’s alright, but not perfect.  There’s actually a lot to love about Bing as a home page.  It’s free of clutter and, unlike Google, features amazing photography every single day.  Check this out:

Make Google My Home Page vs Bing


Those photos do take some time to load, and I’m looking for an instant home page.  Even though Bing’s search is improving every day, for all the reasons stated above, I still prefer Google’s search result to that for Bings’.

How about iGoogle?
So if portals are out, and Bing’s a close second, why not go with Google’s own custom home-page service, iGoogle?


Make Google My Home Page vs iGoogle



First of all, because it’s still a portal.

Yes, it’s different from most other portals in that I can customize it however I like, but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes longer than a second to load and features widgets I’m not really interested in.  Additionally, iGoogle has a habit of preventing me from seeing Google’s famous doodles.

A worthy alternative.

Fav4.org is minimalist, pretty, and fast.

Make Google My Home Page vs Fav4


But here’s a Google work-a-round!

Use Google Bookmarks but only have a bookmark for ten or so most frequently used sites.  This way you get the Google search box as well as direct links to your favorite sites http://www.google.com/bookmark.

Feel free to comment below, I’m always open to new and better ideas.


Yours in Computing

Kathy & The Team at KPS Ventures, Inc.

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